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Denver Hot Tub Supplies

Freshwater Granular Chlorine Replaces Rendezvous Chlorine - 2 Sizes - 3.5lb, 2lb


Rendezvous Chlorine is no longer available and has been replaced with FreshWater Chlorine.

FreshWater Concentrated Chlorinating Granules are specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs. The FreshWater Concentrated Chlorinating Granules effectively sanitize and shock hot water to keep it clean and clear. It provides the same exceptional granular chlorine you have come to expect.

Available in 2lb and 3.5lb sizes

Maintains clear, clean sanitized water

  • Stabilized chlorinating concentrate granular
  • Fast acting
  • Quick dissolving
  • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer; no need for two products.
  • May be added directly to spa, you do not need to pre-dissolve it.