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Denver Hot Tub Supplies

AUTO-SHIP: SilkBalance (76oz.) plus Mineral Spa Sanitizer - AG+ Silver Ion - $215 (with code)


AUTO-SHIP: SilkBalance (76oz.) plus Mineral Spa Sanitizer - AG+ Silver Ion - $215 after discount (with code)

Home Delivery Price: Only $179 + $35.99 (when you use code IHT10% at checkout)


SilkBalance and Silver Ion Cartridges are designed to work together to provide fresh, clean, clear water. By grouping them together we provide an easy, convenient way for you to receive your products automatically every 4 months. Set it and forget it.

As you know, Silk Balance needs to be added to your water once per week, and Silver Ion Cartridge needs to be replaced every four months in order to work optimally.

When you order here, you agree to sign up for our auto-ship program to have both water care products delivered to you automatically every 4 months. The first time you order online you receive 10% off on the products with the code IHT10% at checkout, and get fast and free UPS shipping. Each additional order will be at 10% off. Next, we will contact you to verify and customize your recurring orders (all at 10% off), set up your next ship date and answer any questions.

You can add or remove items, or cancel your auto ship at any time within 2 days prior to your auto ship date.  We will also contact you periodically with options to keep you happy, safe and comfortable making your hot tub the best ownership experience possible.

If you have questions, call 303-206-7727 and ask for Customer Care.



Enjoy luxuriously soft skin and simple hot tub water care. It is gentle on your family and the environment. It is available with SilkBalance. Hot Tub Water Care You Can Trust!
You can now enjoy soft water and skin, balanced pH and alkalinity, and odor-free water when you use SilkBalance, the once-per-week solution uniquely formulated for spa water.

  • Sparkling clear, soft, and pH-balanced water is essential to optimizing the benefits of soaking in a hot tub.
  • SilkBalance is specifically designed not only to optimize the hot tub experience, but also eliminates the need for excessive chemicals.
  • It is safe and environmentally friendly and reduces the time and effort associated with using other system or chemicals.

SIMPLE, EASY TO USE: Only seconds per week. Simply measure and pour once a week.
The 76-ounce bottle of SilkBalance will last four months.

SilkBalance leads the way in premium spa water care with a unique, unmatched, proprietary formula specifically designed to eliminate the need for excessive chemicals, wasted time, and work involved with traditional or salt water systems.

AG+ Silver Ion Cartridge:

AG+ Silver Ion Cartridge is Hot Spring’s Portable Spas “Fresh Water” sanitizer.

  • Nature 2 Mineral Sanitizer for spas
  • Reduces potential for unpleasant odor and scum lines
  • Enhanced consumer comfort installs in seconds – right into your spa filter
  • Comes in two parts – the main body and the handle
  • Relax while it consistently and conveniently sanitizes your water
  • Change every 4 months Specifically designed to use with HotSpring, Caldera, Hot Spot and Freeflow spas.
  • Compatible with the Freshwater III ozone systems

Silver is an effective bactericide. A Silver Ion Cartridge in your filter compartment releases a steady supply of silver ions into the hot tub water to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is a fast, simple and effective way to sanitize your hot tub!