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Denver Hot Tub Supplies

Skimmer - Extenda Spa-Skim


Extenda Spa-Skim Leaf Skimmer for Hot Tubs

By Life spa & hot tub essentials

Are you looking for an easier way to skim leaves and debris from your hot tub? With a nearly four-foot extended reach, the Extenda Spa can eliminate this common hassle. With its durable, lightweight construction, you can even operate the Extenda Spa-Skim with one hand. With a durable fine mesh it picks up even the smallest of debris. This is the only spa leaf skimmer you’ll ever need!

  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Telescopic pole extends to 1.2m
  • Internal locking cams prevent pole from collapsing
  • Durable net with snap fit handle
  • Easy one-handed operation